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Welcome!  Come inside and explore.  Taldish Castle is a place that supports Pagan's and their varied paths.
We sell tools and items you may want and need.  You can also find support, understanding and information.
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And please enjoy our free virtual magazine about Pagan Festival Life.  Just press the button!

The Keep is where you can find information about us, our vending schedule and contact information.
The Smithy has cauldrons, athames, goblets, singing bowls and such items of metal.
The Kitchen offers cookie stamps, wooden spoons and other such items as may interest a kitchen witch.
The Magic Spindle provides witch and wizard hats, tarot bags, purses and such.
The Vault is the place where you will find pendants, talismans and pentacles.
The Library holds books for sale and back issues of our free magazine.
The Alchemist is where you will find oils and incense and the apparatuses for their administration.
The Sculptor offers many statues and boxes which support and honor Pagan deities.
Our Tapestries has a variety of colorful tapestries.
The Observatory is the place to get the latest celestial information of importance to Pagans
The Drawing Room is just a place relax and pick up interesting information.
A visit to the Wizard is where you can find mortars & pestles and magic supplies
Stop in the Gallery to see pictures of us at events where we have our booth.
The Ball Room is just a link to our Facebook Page.  Please visit for up to date info and new products.
The Dungeon is the place to find some of our strangest offerings.
Magazine takes you to your free current issue of Taldish Castle Magazine.