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Thanks for visiting us.  Taldish Castle is a mobile store.  The bulk of our activity happens at Pagan festivals.  In the picture above you see our
booth set up at Heartland Festival in Eastern Kansas in May 2017.  While we have many visitors to our booth at many
different events throughout the Summer, this web site is our virtual store.  If there was something you want that can not wait, this web site
allows you to acquire items during our "off season" or when you can not be at a festival with us.

Taldish Castle is known for having a wide variety of quality merchandise of special interest to the Pagan Community.  I search out many
sources to bring items from all over the world to you.  Sacred and magickal tools come from India, China, Canada, U.S.A. England, Italy,
Germany, Indonesia and parts of Africa.  We also feature items made by artist exclusively for Taldish Castle.  Our passion is to offer
treasures as unique as our booth.
When people come into our little "castle" I often tell them that I consider the booth half store and half museum.  There is no pressure to buy
anything.  Feel free to look around and ask questions.  The same applies here, of course.  It costs nothing to look over our wares and learn.
Feel free to write to me and ask questions.  And keep checking back because new items are always coming in.  
If there is something you are trying to find and you do not see it inside, let me know and I will try to find it for you.  I am always
looking for new items and new sources.  One thing you can be sure of is that Taldish Castle always attempts to acquire quality goods at a fair
price.  We typically price our items at or below the suggested retail price.

The vending schedule for 2017 is finished.  2018 will be a unique year for us because we are not going to vend or visit any festivals in this year.
We are taking a year off.  So this website is your only connection to us until the Spring of 2019.  At least, that's the plan!