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Welcome to the Dungeon!  It is kind of dark down here and you are on your own.  You will find WereWigs
down here and some one of a kind items, as well as bargain items.


Exclusively from Taldish Castle! It will transform you. It has life and power all its own. It will turn your outside appearance into that which you feel inside. Whether you seek connection with your primal self or simply wish to become the ultimate party animal, the WereWig is your passport to unique adventure. Dance, drum, jump. Ebrace the full Pagan experience with this amazing headdress. Constructed with 650 feet of 550 para cord, the Werewig behaves like hair. It bounces and shines. It flows and twirls. The WereWig is built on a brimless baseball cap that is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The cat like ears are made of leather and fastened to the cap with brass rivets for long life. The ends of each cord are fused with flame to prevent it From fraying. It is best to wear the WereWig while topless or shirtless. It really feels great against your bare skin!
It is available in a variety of colors and feel free to contact us about custom designs. See below.

Special Custom WereWig

Please contact us about custom work before ordering.
You are encouraged to contact us and ask about custom designs. Color mixes, ears, no ears, horns, beads, et cetera. We will try our best to make the WereWig you want. In most cases a custom order will cost more to produce due to odd color purchaces. Please contact us and we will advise you. It may be that your custom design will not cost extra. Talk to me first and I will let you know about the price. A custom special will usually be $95.
Any custom work will take about two weeks.
Item # TCD-002
Price $85.00


Below are some bargain items.  Some of these items may not be Pagan related but they may appeal to you, none the less.

Canon AE1 and accessories
Canon AE-1

35mm camera.  This AE-1 is from the 1980s and has not been used since the mid 1990s.  It needs a new battery.  Comes with three lenses: 50mm 28mm and a 80mm to 210mm zoom.  The flash unit does not work but I am it comes with the camera.  Perhaps it can be repaired.
It was a really great camera in its day.  The lenses may fit a modern Canon Digital with or without an adapter, I don't know.  I am letting the whole package go at a bargain price. (compare to used AE-1s on Amazon)
Item # TCD-010
Price $85.00