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The Founders

Shouting Mountain and Aldwyn in front of the 10X10 booth at the Janesville Renaissance Faire 2013.  The booth has evolved quite a bit since then.

The Pagan Expeditionary Module or P.E.M. for those in the know.  Our 1970 camper which we haul to a few of our events.  Very comfy.
Interestingly, the registration papers for this trailer say that the P.E.M. was built in the year 1070.  I am not about to inform the DOT bureaucracy.  Surely it will create more headaches, drama and paperwork than it is worth.  Very likely they would want to send an agent to inspect our wooden wheels to be sure it is road worthy.

Shouting Mountain at Starwood in front of the booth. he wears very little.

Shouting Mountain is a nudist.  Here he is in front of the booth at Starwood playing with the drums.  Of course, not all of the events we attend are clothing optional but fortunately the best ones are... Man, I love festival life!


Almost every festival requires registered participants to wear a band to indicate that they do belong at the fest.  Here Shouting Mountain proudly displays his Starwood band.  The green band lets other attendees know that he is not drinking alcohol.


A shot of the main ritual at Pan Pagan Festival.  here we see Jon Drum, the Great Druid with Amber Ferrebee facilitating the ritual.  Shouting Mountain is helping to add a little back up drumming.

Aldwyn, having a good time with Paulette the mannequin at The World of Faerie Festival in South Elgin, Illinois 2014

A shot of the inside of the booth with all of its colorful merchandise.

The big booth interior.  So nice to shop  barefoot on the grass.

Yep, that's Shouting Mountain.  This was shot by Bob Paxton at the Green Spirit Festival at Circle Sanctuary in 2012... or 13 or something... I think.

Do come out and attend a festival in your area.  Many good people work very hard to make festivals and rituals happen.  They provide us with a venue where we can connect with our customers and friends.  Festivals and gatherings are a great place to connect with the larger Pagan community.  A great way to make friends, to learn, teach and share.

Here is our booth at Chrysalis Moon 2017.  You can see our new awning.  This idea was conceived at breakfast one morning in April and we had it completely built by late afternoon.  It has been a great help at keeping the hot sun and the rain out of the booth.  It also makes a more inviting entrance.  With the guy lines in place it can take a pretty good gust of wind too.  When big storm threaten, we can have the awning down and packed away in about 2 minutes.

When strong storms threaten, Taldish Castle has a plan of action!  The aerial drum bag display is lowered, the hats and garments get put in totes, breakables are laid on their sides, the table clothes are lifted off the ground, the shutters are closed, the awning comes down and finally stout poles are braced against the inside walls.
some people may laugh at these extreme measures but our booth has withstood 75 mile per hour winds.  I would never want to do that again but once you live through it you gain more than a little respect for Mother Nature.
Each of the booths six legs are tightly tied down to heavy cork screws in the ground and the outer frame and canopy has as many guy lines as we can put up.

We had plenty of rain at last years Janesville Renaissance Faire.  The booth did just fine but there was quite a bit of mud.  The best tactic when this happens is to go barefoot and enjoy it. Mmmmmmmm.