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You are now in the Keep, the central tower where our offices are housed.  All kinds of information is available here.
Help yourself and look around.  We love to hear from you and are glad you are visiting.

Please direct general inquiries to: guardian@taldishcastle.com
Questions about WereWigs should be directed to: shoutingmountain@taldishcastle.com
Questions about clothing and custom ritual wear may be directed to: kira@taldishcastle.com
Spiritual questions and information about practical witchcraft, Paganism and such may go to: LordAldwyn@taldishcastle.com
Be sure to pick up a free copy of Taldish Castle Magazine.  Now at news stands world wide.  Just press the "Magazine"
button at the bottom of the menu to the left.

Taldish Castle is headquartered in S.E. Wisconsin.  During the warmer months our castle booth appears at several festivals
and events within a three hundred mile radius, with a few exceptions.  The 2017 schedule is below.  The schedule is subject
to change but I think this is pretty much what we will be doing this year.

2017 EVENTS:

October 27 - 29:   Samhain at Circle Sanctuary
This is not a vending event.  We are just going there to hang out and it would be great to see you there.

2018 EVENTS:
We plan to do just one event in 2018:

May - Janesville Renaissance Faire in Janesville Wisconsin

Other than that Taldish Castle is not vending in 2018.  At least not with our big booth.  Aldwyn is planning to attend a couple events
with a small booth so if there is something you really want, let us know and we will make sure it goes to whatever festival
he ends up going to.  Probably PSG for sure.  Since we will not be on the circuit in full force, this web site becomes more important.
I am really trying to keep it up to date and fully stocked.  We do offer free shipping now so enjoy!  Any question just drop
Shouting Mountain a line.  The link is above.

2019 EVENTS:

Assuming all is well in 2019, Taldish Castle plans to return to the vending circuit.  However we will only be appearing at Four (4)
Festivals/Events.  These are our favorites for a number of reasons.  We encourage you to  try and attend one or all of them.  There is nothing
I enjoy more than being face to face with our customers and embracing them in loving hugs.

May - Janesville Renaissance Faire in Janesville Wisconsin
May - Heartland at Camp Gaea in Eastern Kansas
June - Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) in Southern Illinois
July - Starwood at Wisteria in S.E. Ohio

Our plan is to only attend large festivals that last more than a day.  The purpose is to achieve balance between festival life and our
time at the castle.  

Our Shipping Policy
Taldish Castle is really trying to stay current with the evolving retail market.  We have a very narrow market with some of the
coolest people who ever embraced an alternative subculture.  While our shipping is "free", the truth is that a portion of the shipping
and packaging cost has been factored in to the price while lowering our profit margin.  Some of our prices have gone up to reflect
this adjustment but I have worked very hard to shave the price to a point where it is still a good deal.
One thing that differentiates us from some our sister sites is that we do not drop ship.  In other words when you order an item from
us we ship to you from our own warehouse of merchandise.  I like to do this so that I know that the item I am sending you meets
our standard of quality.  If there are flaws or it is cheap, I won't sell it or I will offer it for less with full disclosure.
I feel it is better to offer a limited inventory of good merchandise rather and thousands of items that I never even see.

And here is the Taldish Castle Privacy Policy: We respect you! Taldish Castle will hold any
information that we receive from visitors and guests as inviolable. We will never release any
information, facts or figures from the security of our walls.
We at Taldish Castle consider the practice of selling customer lists to be quite disgusting and a
violation of decency. Such practices can be normal procedure for the corporate world but at
Taldish Castle we are witches! We work to protect our brothers and sisters as exactly that.
To Know - To will - To dare - To keep silence...
Blessed Be!