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You are now in the Keep, the central tower where our offices are housed.  All kinds of information is available here.
Help yourself and look around.  We love to hear from you and are glad you are visiting.

Please direct general inquiries to: guardian@taldishcastle.com
Questions about WereWigs should be directed to: shoutingmountain@taldishcastle.com
Questions about clothing and custom ritual wear may be directed to: kira@taldishcastle.com
Spiritual questions and information about practical witchcraft, Paganism and such may go to: LordAldwyn@taldishcastle.com
Be sure to pick up a free copy of Taldish Castle Magazine.  Now at news stands world wide.  Just press the "Magazine"
button at the bottom of the menu to the left.

Taldish Castle is headquartered in S.E. Wisconsin.  During the warmer months our castle booth appears at several festivals
and events within a three hundred mile radius, with a few exceptions.  The 2017 schedule is below.  The schedule is subject
to change but I think this is pretty much what we will be doing this year.

2017 EVENTS:

April 27 - 30:   Beltaine at Our Haven in French Lick, Indiana
May 20 - 21:    Janesville Reanissance Faire in Traxler Park in Janesville, WI
May 26 - 29:    Heartland Pagan Festival at Camp Gaea in McLouth, Kansas
June 18 - 25:    Pagan Spirit Gathering at Tall Tree Lake, in Southern Illinois
July 11 - 17:     Starwood Festival at Wisteria in Pomeroy, Ohio
July 19 - 23:     Chrysalis Moon Festival at Ronora Retreat Center near Watervliet, Michigan
August 2 - 6:    Pan Pagan Festival at Rising Sun Family Campground, in Monterey, Indiana
September 16: Madison Pagan Pride Day at Winnequah Park, Monona, WI
September 20 something: Indy Pagan Pride in Indianapolis, IN.  More on that later.

Our Shipping Policy
This is important!  We are a small company.  We use PayPal to take payments via credit cards.  Taldish Castle is not big enough
to have a sophisticated shopping cart system.  We use the low level PayPal system because it is FREE!  This saves all of us
some money, however there is a drawback.  The number of levels available for calculating shipping & handling are limited to five.  I really
do my best to make accurate approximations.  I tend to figure the shipping in my favor so I do not get burned.  Therefore, you may place
an order which seems to have outrageous shipping charges.  So here is my promise to you:  When I ship a package to you and the
website overcharges you on postage, I will refund you the difference.
Order with confidence at Taldish Castle.  If you are hesitant, send me an email and I will reassure you about the shipping fees.
If shipping fees really bother you, come out to our booth at an event, buy direct and save the shipping fees altogether.

And here is the Taldish Castle Privacy Policy: We respect you! Taldish Castle will hold any
information that we receive from visitors and guests as inviolable. We will never release any
information, facts or figures from the security of our walls.
We at Taldish Castle consider the practice of selling customer lists to be quite disgusting and a
violation of decency. Such practices can be normal procedure for the corporate world but at
Taldish Castle we are witches! We work to protect our brothers and sisters as exactly that.
To Know - To will - To dare - To keep silence...
Blessed Be!