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Kira's Magic Spindle
Meet Kira!  Around here she is known as Lady Taldish.  She is the Castle Creative Director.  She paints and sculpts and does all kinds of
artistic work.  Her primary focus for us is making hats.  Witch hats, mad hatter hats, wizard hats and more. and yes, she takes custom orders.
Her magical items may be found exclusively through Taldish Castle.
She has a presence on etsy.com and there is a convenient link to be found here.

raven-tarot.jpg Kira can make all kinds of cool things and many of them are blazened with stunning embroideries.  If you are interested in a custom item you can look through her exhaustive catalogs of embroidery designs.
Just click the links below.  Be warned, there is a lot of fun stuff to look at.
And while this collection is exhaustive, there is always room for more so if you want something specific or have any questions at all just send Kira a little note at:

Kira's Embroidery Catalog:

     Aquatic Life
     Butterflies and Bugs
     Cats and Dogs
     Other Animals
Borders & Corners
Dark Gothic
The Fae
Flowers and Plants
Foods Cooking
Gods & Goddesses
Mythical Creatures
Peace Love Hippie
Sewing & Crafts
Zombies and the Dead
Witches & Wizards

All jpeg images are property of the design supply companies.  Namely Urban Threads and EMB Library.

purple-What01.jpg Witch Hats

The Magic Spindle presents original Lady Kira designs.  All Magic Spindle hats are crafted to the highest standards found in the best hand made millinery.  These are not costume hats.  Taldish Castle considers any Magic Spindle product to be of the best quality you can find.
Not only are they well constructed, they are also designed with beautiful artistry and special features not found in other hats.  All of the hats are wired so you can bend and shape them in accordance with your own unique style.  Each hat is also fully lined for your comfort.
A Lady Kira hat will enhance your presence with supreme style and a sense of confidence that comes from owning the best witch hat there is.
Prices range from $65 to $125 and up depending on  the materals used.

black-What.jpg Aquiring one of these hats is simple.  You can visit us in our booth at an event and examine them, you can visit The Magic Spindle Etsy shop or you can contact Lady Kira directly and talk to her about a custom hat, which she will construct just for you.

purple-mad-hat.jpg Here we see the Mad Hatter style, which Kira introduced to her line of hats last year.  the hat pins are just one of the striking features of this hat.  Kira could not find hat pins to her liking so she started making them.

tan-mad-hat.jpg tan-mad-hat02.jpg


blue-wizard.jpg To the left is the Wizard style hat.  This style starts at $50.00