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Nuru Bombwe has come to Taldish Castle all the way from Kenya. Nuru is our sculptor. He's a quiet
fellow and very focused when he is working. When the chips are flying everyone stays out of his way.
He sometimes works for days without food or sleep. When he finishes a new sculpture everyone
comes to see it. Then Nuru takes a rest and wanders the halls telling funny stories until he undertakes
the next project. In Nuru's studio you can find a fine collection of statuary and he is happy to have you
as his guest. Watch out for his coffee, it's VERY strong.

dragon-tp-dispencer.jpg Dragon Toilet Paper Dispenser

This item is for the person who thought they had everything.  You would feel pretty important having a dragon hold your toilet paper.  Your guests may be a little taken aback to see a dispenser that actually looks cool.  Normally these things are rather utilitarian.  Why not have a dragon on duty?
The item mounts to a wall or cabinet with three screws and hardware, which is included.
Toilet paper is not included because let's face it, we all have very strong preferences regarding the type of toilet paper we like.  People used to use corn cobs you know... I would have a rough time with that.
Item # TCC-007
Price $44.00

crystalline-rivalry.jpg Crystalline Rivalry Light

Two dragons cling to this enchanted, crystalline geode. Within, sits a glowing gem that slowly changes color. The ground is littered with the skulls of the greedy fools who sought to possess this wondrous treasure for themselves.
The sculpture stands 30 cm. tall.  That is just under a foot.  When this piece arrived from the supplier it had two AAA batteries in it.  However the battery compartment was designed to hold two AA batteries.  The bottom line is that it can run on either.  At least it uses a common battery size that is easy to replace.
Item # TCC-014
Price $55.00

dragon-time.jpg Dragon Lords of Time

I used to have a little sand timer that I used for boiling my eggs.  There was also a sand timer that came with a game we used to play.  Those timers were a couple inches tall but this piece towers over those.  Standing 37cm. tall (over 1.2 feet), it is big and bold.  The dissapointing part of it is that it only runs for about one minute and five seconds.  I was hoping it would run for about a half hour.  Regardless of that, it is still pretty neat and I do use one to prepare my soft boiled eggs.
Item # TCC-015
Price $55.00

gargoyal.jpg Guardian Gargoyle

The word "gargoyle" comes from the French word for throat: "gargouille". this is the same root for the word, "gargle". And why would these creatures be linked to "throat"? Because when they were placed on buildings in the past they often formed the spouts for gutters and the water would flow out of their mouths. Besides function they served several symbolic uses as well. The most important of these is guardians against evil spirits. Frankly, I would not mind having this guy watch my back! Made of cold cast resin and full of detail. He measures just over 6 inches tall and
6 inches wide.
Item # TCC-009
Price $28.00

Wooden Pentacle Box

This is a really nice box.  The workmanship is all done by hand in India.  The carving is done with a little power tool but still guided by a human hand, not a computer guided laser.
The box is a perfect container for standard sized tarot decks or a multitude of other treasures.  Outside dimensions are 6"x4" and 2.5" tall.  Inside dimensions are 4 7/8"x2 7/8" and 1 5/8" deep.
Item # TCC-001
Price $16.00

Tripple Goddess frontTripple goddess back
Triple Goddess by Mickie Mueller

A depiction of the triple goddess manifested in human form.  Expertly cast in resin and made to resemble wood, this work exhibits exquisite detail.  The statue is impressive from both the front and back.  No details are lost, from the sublime but powerful expressions to the subtle delicacy of the leaves and other accouterments.
The piece stands 11 inches tall and weighs 3 pounds and 10 oz.
Item # TCC-002
Price $109.00

batet-woman02.jpg Anthropomorphic Bast

This statue depicts Bast, the cat goddess of Egypt in a human form.  The blending of cat and woman results in a very sensuous being.  This statue was the inspiration behind the WereWig (found in the Dungeon).
She stands 27cm tall which is about 10.63 inches high. She is executed with exquisite precision.
Item # TCC-003
Price $55.00

divine-firecircle-02.jpgdivine-firecircle-01.jpg Divine Fire Circle

this sculpture has four representatives of natures finest spiritual manifestations sitting around a fire.  In the case of this sculpture it would be a tea light.  There is a perfect little spot for it.  What I like about this sculpture is that it depicts the gods and goddesses doing exactly what we humans like to do.  Everyone enjoys sitting around a fire with friends.
The base of the piece is 6.5 inches across and it is 4.5 inches at its highest point.  Oh, and it casts pretty cool shadows too.

Item # TCC-004
Price $75.00

dragon-orb.jpgdragon-orb-open.jpg Dragon Orb Box

At first glance it is just a cool dragon statue.  Few will suspect that the dragon is guarding your stash of special stuff.
It is made of cold cast resin.  It stands about six inches high. 
The compartment is about 3.5 inches across.
Item # TCC-005
Price $39.00

cute-ruby.jpg Cute Dragon - Ruby

Metallic paint with red hues colors this 4 inch tall baby dragon.  He is proud to show you his red birth stone.  It is the only bit of treasure he has but there will be many centuries of opportunity ahead for him to collect a cave fill of gems and other treasure.  I am sure this little ruby will always be his favorite.
Item # TCC-006
Price $22.00

cute-dragon-gold.jpg Cute Dragon - Gold

A colorful and rather cute dragon is depicted in this four inch tall statue.  It appears as though it recently hatched.  He is guarding his birthday present, which is a large orange gem.
Item # TCC-008
Price $22.00

cute-dragon-blue.jpg Cute Dragon - Blue

Identical to her sibling above except this little dragon has purple coloring and her birthday present is a large and very rare blue gem.
Item # TCC-011
Price $22.00

cute-amethyst.jpg Cute Dragon - Amethyst

Yet another adorable little baby dragon.  awwwwwww... She wants to show you the beautiful purple gem she got for her birthday.  She will guard it and if she likes you she will guard you and all of your treasures too.  It pays to be nice to baby dragons.
Item # TCC-010
Price $22.00

cute-emerald.jpg Cute Dragon - Emerald

And finally a cute little green baby dragon.  He wants to be your friend.  You should be nice to little baby dragons because then they will be nice to you.  This is a good thing because as we all know, baby dragons eventually become very big dragons.
Item # TCC-012
Price $22.00

werewolf-bottle-holder.jpg Werewolf Bottle Holder

I saw a werewolf at trader Vic's.  His hair was perfect.
Designed to hold a standard wine bottle... With total bad assery I might add.  He/She/it is about 30cm long (about a foot) and 7 inches tall (18cm).  The piece is beautifully executed in dark cold cast resin and painted with silver highlights... I wish I could get my highlights to look that good.
Item # TCC-013
Price $35.00