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Andrew Flang
Andrew "Sharp Eye" Flang watches over the vault. You are in one of the deeper
underground chambers here. Andrew keeps a big key around his neck and he is
happy to open the big iron door for you. Grab a torch and feast your eyes on an
array of semi precious stones, pendants, silver talismans and other jewels.

Fire Pentacle
Fire Pentacle
We call this the Fire Pentacle because it simply seems to invoke a firey aspect. It is cast in pewter and the red is put on with a very shiny, translucent enamel.The circle is 1 1/4 inches wide and it comes with a very nice chain.
Item # TCV-001
Price $13.00

Large upright pentagram
Large Upright Pentacle

This is our biggest pentacle, measuring 1.75 inches across. The pentagram is in the interwoven style and the circle is textured. This piece also looks good on both sides. It comes with a satin cord.
Item # TCV-002
Price $8.00

witches-aid-red.jpg Witch's Aid Pentacle

A pentagram with a big glass marble mounted right in the center.  The circle measures 1 1/8 inches across or 3.5cm  it is available in red, blue or green.  I only have one of each, just so you know.
and comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-003
Price $6.00


howling-wolf.jpg Celestial Howling Moon

A pewter pendant that beautifully captures a frosty night, filled with stars as a wolf celebrates the rising moon with beautiful music.  Put that around your neck and keep the feeling alive.
Item # TCV-004
Price $8.00

alchemy-dragon.jpg Alchemy Dragon Pendant

Made of lead free pewter, this 2 inch pendant shows a dragon over a circle of flames.  The dragon is focused upon a red "gem" (plastic).  The eye of the dragon is also set with something red and reflective.  The body of the dragon is serpentine and somewhat forms the symbol of yin and yang.
Item # TCV-005
Price $10.00

Nathair Snake pendant
Nathair Pendant

Generally regarded as a Druidic piece, this pendant depicts two intertwined snakes around a crystal orb. The overall meaning is wisdom. This pendant measures 1 3/8 inches across. It comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-006
Price $8.00

The Raven Pendant

The raven's black silhouette is molded deeply into the 1 inch wide piece of pewter and then filled with hard black enamel. It is about an inch wide and comes with a black cord.
tem # TCV-007
Price $8.00

Horse Pendant

The silhouette of a strong horse runs on the front of this pewter oval. If this spirit runs in you, then you might like this pendant. It is about an inch wide and comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-008
Price $8.00

Lizard Pendant

There are not many people for whom the lizard is a spirit guide or power animal but I know one personally, so I know you lizard people are out there. Just for you, is this lizard pendant. This one is on a gold tone metal. To be honest I do not know what the metal is. Probably brass but it may be bronze. Whatever it is, it comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-009
Price $8.00

Eagle Pendant

The silhouette of a flying eagle with its talons poised for attack is depiced on this Pendant. It is about an inch wide and comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-010
Price $8.00

Fairy Amethyst High

Here is a whimsical fairy necklace showing a bold display of wings. The piece is cast of pewter with color accents and heavy enamel. The fairy is over 2 inches tall and comes with a nice chain.
Item # TCV-011
Price $14.00

Triskel Blade

Here is a Triskel design with a slightly edgy twist. It is not too far removed from the BDSM symbol. in the center is a red piece of round glass. The glass is not visible from the back side but it looks good from the back so it can be worn either way. it is just under an inch wide.
Available in red and green. Comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-012
Price $6.00

thor_hammer_amulet.jpg Thor's Hammer With Face

This Thor's Hammer has a depiction of Thor's face on the front.  His beard is woven and blends into the celtic knot work at the bottom.  The top displays some lightning bolts.  Made of lead free pewter, it is 1.25 inches wide, which is just over 3cm.  It comes with a satin cord.
Item # TCV-013
Price $9.00

fairy-live%20ember.jpg Fairy of the Live Ember

This lead free pewter pendant depicts a lively fairy.  The pendant is fairly large at 2 inches tall (almost 5cm).  She is focused upon a red plastic "gem", which reminds me of a hot ember.  Of course it could be anything from blood to a bowling ball.  However Fairy of the Live Ember sounds better than the Fairy of the Crimson Bowling Ball.  Although the Bloody Bowling Ball wouldn't be bad.
Comes with a satin cord.
Item # TCV-014
Price $8.00

cresent-goddess.jpg Cresent Goddess Pendant

A simple, elegant depiction of Goddess, made with lead free pewter.  Her arms extend out to the tips of a cresent moon, upon which she stands.
4cm tall, that's about 1.5 inches.
She comes with a black satin cord.
Item # TCV-015
Price $9.00

Thor-hammer-titanium.jpg Titanium Mjölnir

Elegant in its simplicity, this stylish hammer of Thor pendant makes a bold statement of strength and endurance.  Made from titanium, this hammer is stronger than stainless steel and will keep looking good for hundreds of years.
It measures 1.25 inches across or 32mm.  This hammer comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-016
Price $25.00

pentacle-stag.jpgpentacle-stag-back.jpg Bronze Stag Pentacle

Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin and often with the addition of other metals.  It was the first useful metal alloy.  It is hard and handsome.  It is making a comeback in the application of jewelry.  The bronze age spanned from about 2500 to 800 BCE.  When you wear bronze you may feel a connection to our ancient ancestors.
This pentacle is pretty both front and back.  It has the interwoven pentacle surmounted with the head of a stag, which invokes the male aspect of the divine in nature.
Item # TCV-017
Price $18.00

goddess-pentacle-large.jpg Pentacle Goddess

A basic pewter pentacle with the goddess symbol overlaid.  The goddess symbol is a triple representation of the moon where we see the waxing, full and waning phases.  In this representation the full moon has a colored sphere mounted in the middle.  The sphere is available in green or red.  However both of these colors are not true primary colors.  They are a bit in the blue spectrum.
This piece is fairly large, measuring 1 1/8 inches or 3cm.
It also looks kind of cool from the back.
Comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-018
Price $12.00

thor-hammer-flathead.jpg Stout Thor's Hammer

I like this hammer because it actually looks like a hammer with a grip.  It looks ready to pound stakes or bash the heads of those who would bring harm to the earth realm.
It is about an inch and 3/8ths long or 3.5cm
Item # TCV-019
Price $13.00

thor-hammer-bronze.jpg Bronze Mjölnir

An intricate Thor's hammer made of that ancient metal.  Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin and often with the addition of other metals.  This hammer shows beautiful detail and handsome color.
Item # TCV-020
Price $22.00

invertend-pent-skull.jpg Dark Secrets Talisman

The inverted pentagram, like the inverted cross, seeks to pervert or perhaps call out the hypocrisy that may be found in most religions. It may be for many things but at Taldish Castle we respect anyones right to express it.  This piece is fairly large at 1 3/8 inches (3.6cm)  The skull is there to just scare people and let them know this celebrates the dark aspects of the occult.
Comes with a black cord
Item # TCV-021
Price $5.00

werewolf.jpg Werewolf Pendant

This is a simple, almost crude little casting of a werewolf.  I like it though.  Perhaps because I am a werewolf.  Not a fake one.  I happen to live in werewolf country in S.E. Wisconsin.  Check the link.  If you honor Werewolf or have had experience with transmutation, possession or any such thing, do not be afraid. Celebrate it.
he is just over an inch tall (3cm).
Comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-022
Price $5.00

trishele-shield.jpg Triskelion Shield

The triskelion... Many various meanings have been attributed to this symbol and many claims have been made regarding its origin. Celts claim it, the Irish claim it, Christians claim it, Pagans claim it...  Truth is nobody knows what it really means.  the ancient Greeks used it quite a bit and the earliest use of this symbol dates back to Neolithic times (possibly 10,000BCE).  It is in fact an intriguing symbol, which may be why it has been surrounded with claims and attributes.
You have every right to claim it and make it your own. 1.25 inches across (3.2cm)
Comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-023
Price $8.00

dragon-moon-pendant.jpg Dragon Crescent Pendant

A dragon pendant curved in a crescent shape that clearly invokes a waning moon.  So it is all there: Dragon and Moon.  What does it mean?  Why this?  Why not?  Certainly there are some of you out there for whom this pendant has profound meaning.  To me that is what I love about Paganism, celebrating the diversity of the paths and why we are what we are.
Roughly an inch and 1/4 wide (3cm).
Comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-024
Price $8.00

sabbatic-baphomet.jpg Big Baphomet

The history of Baphomet is interesting to explore.  Its origins are mysterious and while not wholly unclear they are steeped in intrigue regarding the Knights Templar.  Today he has mixed representations and while he might not be part of my path he may well be part of yours.  Taldish Castle supports all Pagan paths, both dark and light.  Thus I am happy to offer this distinctive Baphomet pendant.
1 5/16 inches wide or more simply 3.4cm
It comes with a nice black cord.
Item # TCV-025
Price $8.00

wish-fulfilled-pent.jpg Wish Fulfillment Pentagram

This is a nice little pentagram in the interwoven style.  The recessed black lines are a nice touch.  It is 23mm across (under an inch in size).
It comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-026
Price $6.00

large-pewter-pent.jpg Large Pewter Pentagram

Simple and bold, leaving no doubt about what it is and proud of it.  The uncomplicated large design stands out well on ritual attire.  This unembellished pentagram is made from lead free pewter.  It is 1.75 inches across or 4.5cm. It comes with a silken cord.
Item # TCV-027
Price $6.00

eternal-promise-amulet.jpg Ankh of Giza

The makers of this particular ankh call it the Eternal Promise Amulet.  While not a bad name, it really has nothing to do with its Egyptian origin.  So I am calling it the Ankh of Giza.  You may go to Giza and study Giza and never see an ankh of this style.  Just want to be clear about that.
Despite all of th above, this is a bold ankh, standing 2.25 inches tall (6cm).  One side is inlaid with black enamel.  It comes with a black cord.
Item # TCV-028
Price $6.00

Silver-plain-pent.jpg Sterling Silver Basic Pentacle

Very similar to the large pewter pentagram above except this one is made from precious metal:  Tarnish resistant sterling silver.  It is
1 3/8 inches wide (3.5cm).  It is made by my friend, Andross at Mithros Designs.  We cross paths when we vend in Festival Land.  He makes a bunch of cool things so be sure to check out his site.  Better still, come to a festival and see his booth.  then you can visit with him.  You may also see us there.
Anyway, he makes great stuff and we are pleased to offer a couple pieces here.
Item # TCV-029
Price $64.00

silver-goddess-pent.jpg Sterling Silver Goddess Pentacle

Another pentacle from Mithros Designs.  This one is the same size as the one above but as you notice it features little goddess symbols around the perimeter.  As far as I can tell, these pieces are the same size and weight.  You would have to ask Andross why there is a difference in price.  I am sure there is a good reason.  I just don't know what it is.
These pieces do not come with a cord.  The string you see is simply a support to hold it in place in its packaging.  Yes, I could have taken them out of the package to take the picture but then I would have had to repackage them.  I'm lazy, okay?
Item # TCV-030
Price $48.00