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What part of the castle is this?!  It used to be a grainery or a mill of some kind.  Now it serves as Shouting Mountain's Laboratory. 
Shouting Mountain has been described as a trans species dog-boy/girl.  In his lab mystic forces are fused with lightning to produce the
WereWig.  The concept was given to Shouting Mountain by the Goddess Bast... So says Shouting Mountain.

Shouting Mountain sporting a purple WereWig

Exclusively from Taldish Castle! It will transform you. It has life and power all its own. It will turn your outside appearance into that which you feel inside. Whether you seek connection with your primal self or simply wish to become the ultimate party animal, the WereWig is your passport to unique adventure. Dance, drum, jump. Embrace the full Pagan experience with this amazing headdress. Constructed with 650 feet of550 para cord, the WereWig behaves like hair. It bounces and shines. It flows and twirls. The WereWig is built on a brimless baseball cap that is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The cat like ears are made of leather and fastened to the cap with brass rivets for long life. The ends of each cord are fused with flame to prevent it From fraying. It is best to wear the WereWig while topless or shirtless. It really feels great against your bare skin!
It is available in a variety of colors and feel free to contact us about custom designs. See below.
Item # TWW-002
Price $85.00


Rainbow colored unicorn wig
Please contact us about custom work before ordering.
You are encouraged to contact us and ask about custom designs. Color mixes, ears, no ears, horns, beads, et cetera. We will try our best to make the WereWig you want. In most cases a custom order will cost more to produce due to odd color purchases. Please contact us and we will advise you. It may be that your custom design will not cost extra. Talk to me first and I will let you know about the price. A custom special will usually be $95.
Any custom work will usually take about two weeks.


Care and Feeding of the WereWig After a full season of activity, which includes dancing and dust and fires and ash and drumming and dust and eating and splashes and sweat... Lots of sweat, there comes the time when you really want to clean your Werewig. There are a couple ways to do it. An easy way is to wear it in the shower. While it is on your head, just allow the warm water to cascade through the hair. Try to keep the ears from getting too wet. Although getting the ears wet won't really do them any harm just make sure you blot them well with a towel after the shower.

Get a wash cloth soapy and then take the wig off. While holding the wig up with one hand, rub the inside with the soapy cloth. Rinse as best you can by splashing water inside. When you come out of the shower, dry the ears well and place the whole wig on a big towel. Wrap it up and carry it to a place where you can hang it up to dry. hanging it in a most upright position is best. Such as placing it on an upright post. Otherwise hang it from front brim but not on anything small or sharp. Something about the size of a doorknob is good. The wig will take quite a while to dry... Like 48 hours or even three days depending on conditions.

Another method of cleaning is to wash it in a tub where you can handle it. A little soapy water and a good rinse are all you need.
A quick way to freshen up the wig during or between use is to wipe the inside (especially the sweat band with a small cloth that has been liberally dipped in rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry for several minutes before putting it back on.

Shouting Mountain holds the wig on his fist.

Far be it from me to tell you how to wear your WereWig but I can certainly offer some pointers from my experience.
The first step is to support the wig on your fist and check it to be sure all the hairs are in place. Sort out any tangles and generally get it looking good.

SM holds the wig behind his head

Next, hook the front on your two thumbs. Make sure the hair is hanging on the backside of your arm. Look into the underside of the wig to be sure no hairs are caught up in the brim and make sure the brim itself is straight and in good order. Not flipped down or twisted or something that would make it uncomfortable.

SM puts the wig on his head

When all is in good order, lift the wig behind and over your head.

SM pulls the wig into place

Place the back of the wig against the back of your head. Then pull it tight against the back of your head and pull it down into place.

SM prepares to pull some hair forward

Next, place your fingers just in front of your ears (that's your ears, not the wigs.) Make sure there is a good amount of hair in front of your fingers.

Then pull a number of hair strands forward to lay on your chest.

SM adjusts the wig

Make sure the wig is straight and gently pat all the hair smoothly into place.  The front seam of the cap should be in line with your nose.

picture showing the adjustment buckle at the back of the cap.

If the wig is too tight or too loose, simply adjust the strap at the back of the cap. Some caps have a buckle while most use velcro.

SM wearing the wig

How far the bangs hang in your eyes can be adjusted by wearing the cap forward or pushing it back.

Another important point to note is that a WereWig weighs 3.5 to nearly 5 pounds, depending on the style.  It's not light.  While not as heavy as chainmail it still may seem cumbersome when you first put it on. Despite the weight, I have worn this headdress for hours on end, Dancing, drumming and otherwise playing.
Just for perspective, Some Las Vegas showgirls wear headdresses up to 20 pounds! dancer Paula Allen says, "While some of the heavier headdresses weigh as much as 20 pounds, it only takes about a day to get used to wearing them. It just becomes part of you on stage," she noted. "It just becomes a part of your body."
I would add that you also become part of "it".

Shouting Mountain swinging the hair around

Gold WereWig with Anubis style ears
Shouting Mountain in his signiture blue wig