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Welcome to the chamber of the Wizard. Astrolath is the wizard of Taldish Castle. Long ago Astrolath decided to have no more
to do with the mundane world. He quit his position in the marketing department of a large energy corporation, sold the stocks in
his portfolio and gave the money to an Amazon reforestation project. Then he gutted his television and made it into a book case.
He may not look it but he's been very happy ever since. Now he busies himself with making incense, oils and brews of many kinds.
It is hard to tell just what Astrolath may have in here. You'll just have to look around.

White Ceramic Mortar & Pestle

This mortar and pestle measures 4 inches across the inside. It is a utilitarian model made for practical use. Even if you are not a kitchen witch, no serious cook should be without such a useful tool.
Item # TCW-018
Price $22.00

Marble Mortar & Pestle

This item is about 4 inches high and about the same wide. It is quite solid. The inside bottom of the mortar and the business end of the pestle are grooved for easier crushing and grinding.
Item # TCW-016
Price $37.00

11cm Crystal Ball and Dragon Stand

An 11cm crystal ball.  40% crystal, 60% leaded glass.  11 centimeters is about 4 1/4 inches.  A pretty good sized ball.  The stand is a short pedestal bowl, around which a dragon has decided to curl.  The dragon shows interest in what the ball has to say.
The stand is made of cold cast resin and stands 4 inches high or a little over 10cm.
Item # TCW-017
Price $75.00

11cm-ball&stand.jpg 11cm Crystal Ball and Crescent Stand

An 11cm crystal ball.  40% crystal, 60% leaded glass.  11 centimeters is about 4 1/4 inches.  A pretty good sized ball.  The stand supports the ball with three crescent moon shapes, decorated with Celtic knots and blue orbs.  There is a pentacle on the top.  The stand is 7cm high (2.75 inches) and is made from cold cast resin.
separately these items would cost $73.  
Item # TCW-015
Price $69.00

Taldish Castle Traveling Altar Kit-
Let's face it, we are a society on the move. Witches will not be left behind. This kit contains everything you need to perform basic rituals. All neatly packed into an 8 inch wide mango wood chest that is easy to take almost anywhere. The top of the chest is carved with the Hecate triple pentagram. The edges are girded with metal bands and it is lockable.
The items are fitted into a piece of black foam core in the bottom to keep things from rolling around. There is plenty of extra room in the box to trick it out with more items like matches, oils, herbs, charms, crystals and such.

Here is what you get:
The chest, which measures about 8x5x4.
A 4" silver plated goblet bearing a pentacle on two sides.
Item # TCW-033
Price $72.00

A 3" brass offering bowl that can serve as a small cauldron.
A 6" athame with wood and brass fittings.
2 five pointed star shaped glass candle holders.
2 4" chime candles.
A soapstone incense burner for sticks and/or cones.
A bag of 5 cone Frankincense incense.
A bag containing 8 grams of white sage leaves.
2 half ounce bottles for water or wine and salt (salt and wine not included).
An 18"x18" altar cloth with pentagram and Goddess symbols.
one compass so you can determine the quarters.